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Pep Dekker - Owner EstesPark.com

I’m Pep Dekker, and I enjoy helping the thousands of people each travel season, who seek out Estes Park vacations. I bought EstesPark.com in 2021 from the original owners. I grew up in California, spent some time in Buffalo and Tacoma. I consider the Estes Valley my future home. I’m happy to share all the great things about the area and help you enjoy a perfect getaway through my website. Here you can easily browse lodging, attractions, restaurants, wedding information, and more, all here to make planning your perfect Rocky Mountain escape even easier.





History of EstesPark.com

EstesPark.com owners Bruce Grant and Tony Bielat
EstesPark.com original founders Bruce Grant and Tony Bielat

The concept is simple – create a website where those interested in Estes Park could find what they’re looking for. That’s what EstesPark.com owners Bruce Grant and Tony Bielat set out to do. Initially, this website will focus on lodging, helping visitors coming to Estes Park find just the right hotel, cabin, or specialty lodging property. Over time, the website focus and content will broaden to include other areas of interest for Estes Park guests and residents.

The EstesPark.com domain was first secured by Bruce Grant back in 1995. Google hadn’t been invented yet and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame was in 6th grade. Bruce, busy developing a technology consulting business at the time, didn’t focus on EstesPark.com until 2015, some 20 years later. Bruce met Tony Bielat at the Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary Club where they were both members. Tony was a marketing/communications consultant working with local businesses. The two talked about ideas and business models for EstesPark.com. Bruce and Tony decided to partner to build the first website on the EstesPark.com domain. This site launched July 21, 2016.

Thank you for visiting EstesPark.com.