Rocky Mountain National Park

Pictured is a white pickup traversing Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

When planning a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, it can be challenging to narrow down everything you want to see and do. The park boasts 415 square miles of mountains, rivers, and wilderness and has activities that are sure to entertain any visitor. From the most fearless adventurer who dares to scale the highest … Read more

Cross-country & Backcountry Skiing in Estes Park

Cross-country & Backcountry Skiing in Estes Park Estes Park is a small town known for its picturesque winters. A wonderland averaging about eighty-two inches of snow annually. This amount of fresh powder attracts ski bums from all over the country. Making the Rocky Mountains one of the most sought-after winter destinations. In contrast, the town … Read more

Snowshoe hiker in Rocky Mountain National Park.

After a snowfall, Estes Park resembles a Currier and Ives painting. Holiday lights illuminate freshly fallen snow on the trees along the Big Thompson River. Snow squeaks underfoot. Rocky Mountain National Park is just minutes away. Visit Estes Park and can enjoy the winter outdoors the old-fashioned way on a pair of snowshoes or cross … Read more

Mule deer in Rocky Mountain National Park

Imagine a guy walks into a bar and asks all the ladies if anyone is fertile. In the hooved animal world, that is what males, such as mule deer, do during the “Rut” mating season. This Mule Deer  pictured is exposing his Jacobson’s (Vomeronasal) Organ in the roof of his mouth. This is, basically, a … Read more

Shedding Velvet

Each year the bull elk start their antler growth around March 10th, and finish growing and hardening their antlers on August 10th or so. So they have five months to grow to impress the cow elk with their health and vitality. Once the antlers are complete, the soft hair covered velvet starts to dry and … Read more